You may know Joe Ferrera the actor or coach, but what about the film director?

As a creative, I don’t mind springing the occasional surprise, for the right reasons. And for some of you, what I’m about to say might come as a surprise. You might, or might not, already have a certain level of familiarity with me as a successful acting coach, or you may know something about my own acting career, such as my long-running role as “Juan Sheet”

But there’s a lot more to my work than the above. You see, I take great pride in my extensive work down the years across the worlds of theatre, television, and film. And as part of that journey, I have been sufficiently blessed to have received recognition and accolades not only in relation to my acting, but also in a directing capacity. 

Indeed, I have been credited as a director on no fewer than four short films so far, namely Route Canal (2013), Love and Other Stuff (2018), Our Dinner Party (2018), and Home Wreckers (2019). 

Back up a bit – did you say you’d won accolades for your directing? 

You bet. Even just sticking to the films I’ve directed – never mind produced, written, or acted in – my projects have been selected for more than 100 film festivals. 

The ‘roll call’ includes heavyweight events such as Cannes, AFI, Raindance, and Slamdance – but my directorial efforts have also been officially selected at the likes of Arizona IFF, USAFF, Monaco IFF, Julien Dubuque IFF, Cardiff IFF, and Madeira IFF, to name just some. 

Home Wreckers alone won an award for Best Comedy Short, received a nomination for Best Comedy, achieved three honourable mentions – including at Monrovia Film Festival – and was the subject of 18 official selections. It reached one final, and two semi-finals. 

As for 2015’s Route Canal short – which centres on dentist and single mother Caroline and one of her patients, local deli owner Paul – this film has received around 4,000 views on YouTube, in addition to winning and being part of some very elite festivals. It took the Best Comedy award at Nice International Film Festival in 2016, the same event at which I was also nominated for Talented New Director in relation to this film. 

It’s an ongoing story, with plenty more to come… for me, and for you 

All in all, it’s been quite the glittery journey so far for my directorial career, and I’m really just getting started. My awards so far aren’t just about attracting some prestige or recognition from my peers, as pleasant though those things are – they’re also a reflection of my steadfast belief that no self-respecting creative should ever stand still. 

There are always new domains for the most capable and ambitious to conquer, and fresh skills to learn that will do more than merely add to your CV – they will also give you the satisfaction of knowing you are realising your utmost potential as an actor, director, or other creative person. 

For a deeper discussion about that, why not reach out to me in my capacity as a successful acting coach? I would be delighted to hear from you, and to advise you on how my classes could assist you in your efforts to realise your highest aspirations as an actor and professional.