Bringing emotional
intelligence to
the workplace.


Corporate training

Become more engaging. Captivate your audience and your employees. Enable your workplace to communicate more effectively. Our approach will arm you with the skills you need to create a happier and more effective workplace; whether that’s your sales teams, pitching exciting new ideas to clients, or your management with softer skills, such as effective listening and emotional skills.


01 What Joe will do

Joe will put together a bespoke package.

02 What you need to do

In the first instance, just send me an email registering your interest and I’ll get in touch with everything you’ll need to nurture your business and talent.

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Joe brought high energy and great insights to our
business. We hadn't realised how poor our communication,
but more importantly our listening skills were. By honing
these, we are far more confident in our ability to win
pitches and settle workplace issues.

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