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Plenty and the Actor

From 2010 until 2020 Joe Ferrera played the character Juan Sheet & Super Juan – the debonair hero. Let’s go back in time, not too far, say 2010? Why? To the creation of a character that was part pirate, swashbuckler, musketeer and household super hero. Yes, we are talking about “Juan Sheet” – the hero that took on the world with a roll of Plenty Kitchen Towel under his arm.

The Story

Why is he important? I helped create him. I helped bring him to “life”. Who am I? I am the actor Joe Ferrera and I played Juan Sheet from inception to his cosmic leap into the stars in 2020.

Super Juan

As a creation Juan Sheet become something of a revelation – it was only meant to be for one commercial – maybe two – but what ended up happening was an event that rarely occurs – but when it does was exhilarating to be part of.

The story goes — that Publicis, the advertising agent put together a pitch idea for the SCA/Essity group. That idea was then taken on board and agreed – “greenlit”, so they went on the search for an actor to bring the concept to life. Enter stage left – Joe Ferrera – me. Through a casting process it was agreed that I would play “Juan Sheet”! As with many of these projects it was written simply, but the creatives had a very strict approach to what they needed and as Joe’s ideas fused with the creative teams concept – Juan Sheet was born and began to take a life of his own.

It was meant to be just a commercial but after the commercial was aired, it truly took on a life of its own – really helping the brand get in to the audiences thoughts and capturing their attention.

When something like that comes along you just run with it and run we did – working with some of the UK and the world’s finest directors; Simon Cole, Mark Denton, Sam Smith (New Zealand), Luke Evans and Golden Globe winner Matt Lipsey.

If it only ended there. Working alongside some of the worlds finest creatives we took Juan Sheet to the nadir of branding. Where many brands go to a personality or celebrity and hang the brand on to their status, we created something unique from scratch – a character that was instantly recognisable, impactful, distinctive, brand associated but who never got in the way of the product.

What’s that mean? Well, by 2020 Juan Sheet had helped Plenty capture 21% of the UK and Ireland market, far outstripping its closest competitor. Further to that – in the UK it was estimated that 6.9 million people used Plenty.

But that’s numbers! The role of Joe Ferrera as Juan Sheet became so much more. There were the Radio Campaigns and Voice Overs, the billboards and posters, the on package imaging, the social media campaigns, the you tube channel, the photo shoots and all the charity and live events! Plenty and Juan Sheet became one.

So, what of all this? Well, translating the creative’s vision into a real and tangible creation, working with all those directors, bringing truthful and mesmerising performances to life, as well as working so closely with the client, and its brand has given Joe a unique insight, an ability to sit in the eye of such an amazing creation.

This unprecedented and unique experience has given him the ability to work with brand, client, agency, writers, directors, as well as maintaining his own artistic input to help produce a wonderful, loved and iconic character that supported the brand but who was never bigger than it.

A humbling experience, which has given Joe immense wisdom in working together with clients and their brand, advertising agents, creatives and their visions, and alongside the production teams in the wonderful world of commercials.

All this creativity, know how and wisdom, coupled with Joe’s film directing expertise, has given him a unique and powerful set of skills, which can be used to help develop or deliver your project, whether it’s a commercial, tv pilot or episode or feature film.

Juan Sheet


  • 17 point increase
    From 6% to 22% of the UK and Ireland market.
    Around £200 million turnover p/year.
  • 69 million
    By 2020 – 69 million were users of Plenty in UK.

Joe is a great teacher and if you are willing
to give 100% he will be with you all the way.

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