My MasterClass is what it sounds like – a complete immersion in the acting technique

What passes through your head when someone suggests to you the notion of taking on a masterclass

The term, for me, certainly conjures up associations going beyond mere “mastery”; it suggests a comprehensive rundown of all that one might need to know in order to excel in a particular field, and an opportunity to put themselves through their paces, while being held to the highest standards. 

Already, you might be starting to think I’m getting ahead of myself. So, let’s roll back a little. What can you expect when you commit to the Joe Ferrera MasterClass? 

In short, it is your chance to embrace and build upon your acting vocation to a breadth and depth that you might have never done previously. It is an opening to receive direct coaching from me, a successful practitioner of the acting, writing, and directing art, who has been at the sharp end of this field for a quarter of a century – with the track record and accolades to show for it. 

But much more than the MasterClass acting sessions here at Studio Ferrera are about me, they are about you. And on that front, you can expect to be educated, empowered, and inspired to take more risks, and to explore and build on many of the finer points of your acting craft. 

But tell me – what can I really expect from an acting class with you? 

This isn’t a class that is about taking you through the mere acting mumbo-jumbo. It is, instead, worthy of the name MasterClass

That means coverage of extensive ground, ranging from the steps you can take to prepare and analyse scripts, both simple and complex improvisations, the specifics of the casting session, and other aspects of how you can most effectively operate – both spiritually and commercially – as an actor. 

And a key element of that effective operation will be your approach to the investigation, preparation, and presentation of a scene. From what I like to call “the knock” – the moment right before one’s entrance into a scene, and continuing through the objectives, obstacles and ‘fixed givens’ for your character, as well as their inner sensory and external life, I will help you layer all these aspects, so that you always give your best and most appropriate performance. 

While great acting most certainly has a process, and it is crucial to inform yourself accordingly, it is also about informing an instinct, and making good use of that instinct in every scene and casting session. With acting, there has to be an element of ‘letting go’, even if you have been taught well about every intermediate stage leading up to that act. 

My MasterClass acting session will help you tap into all of this – and it is available to book right now. But first, I need to know a little more about you. 

Share with me some of the most pertinent information about who you are and what you do – encompassing your acting CV, a short paragraph about you, and which actor you admire and why – and you could soon be immersing yourself in all the key methods you will need to know, in order to thrive in this ever-competitive industry. I would be delighted to hear from you.